The Source for Rare Metals

Exceeding Expectations for Over 20 years

Finding unusual metals is difficult enough. Finding a company that goes the extra mile to provide the specific metals you're looking for - plus the service and quality you expect - is rare. Since 1988, Rare MetalSource has exceeded expectations in both areas. As a leading supplier of specialty metals, Rare MetalSource understands the demands of the industry. We have the experience and expertise to meet those demands. This ability to deliver product performance that measures up to the most exacting standards sets Rare MetalSource apart as a one-of-a-kind supplier.

Our Measure of Success

The basis of our growth and success has been repeat and referral business - a direct result of meeting and exceeding our customers' highest expectations. Superior product. Technical expertise. Unyielding integrity. With over 90% of our sales to other distributors, we personify the role of a "master distributor."

Unsurpassed Inventory

Rare MetalSource stocks over 8,000 items of ingot, billet, bar, and plate products. Our goal is not every grade and size, but to stock a relatively narrow product mix and to constantly fine tune our inventory to meet the needs of our customers. Due to constant changes and our unique conversion options (forging, rolling, drawing, etc.), we do not publish a stock list. Instead, we provide a detail of our capabilities and a list of grades we stock.

ISO 9001:2008 Registered Company